Out Comedian Julio Torres Joins "Saturday Night Live" Writing Staff

Torres previously worked as a guest writer for the show's 41st season.

After promoting gay comedian Chris Kelly to head writer and hiring Melissa Villaseñor as its first Latina cast member, Saturday Night Live has diversified its staff even more by bringing out Latino comedian Julio Torres on as its newest writer.

The Brooklyn-based comedian previously starred in two web series for Más Mejor, a Latino-themed comedy site started by SNL alums Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz. He has also worked as a guest writer for SNL and was recently named one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch.

In February, he spoke with Brokelyn about his comedy style, which focuses on things he loves.

"If ever I'm making a joke about Cate Blanchett," he remarked, "it's because I like her so much. I'm not good about joking about things I don't like, I don't think. When there is stuff I don't like, I don't talk about it, because why would I?"

He also explained the meaning behind his "Space Prince" moniker, which has become a sort of alter ego for the El Salvador native.

"I've never been good or too interested in making jokes about or having material about being Latino or being gay or any of those things," Torres said. "They're very much part of who and what I am, but I feel like the one sort of label that I do feel a strong creative connection the idea of being from elsewhere."

Check out some of his routines below.

SNL's new season begins on October 1.

h/t: Mic