Darren Criss Talks Blaine's New 'Diva-ish' Attitude on 'Glee' (Exclusive)

After watching the first episode of Glee's fourth season, fans might be scratching their heads at the attitudes of the  remaining New Directions. With Rachel out of the picture the fight to take her place as the new star of the group heats up, mostly between Britt, Tina, Blaine and newcomer Wade "Unique" Adams -- with Artie handing the win to Blaine based on a performance of "Call Me Maybe." We quickly caught up with Darren Criss to talk about Blaine as the "New Rachel" and what he thinks of a more "showy" Blaine this season than last.

NNN: Blaine is the new Rachel...

Criss: Which I thought was ridiculous.

NNN: Is that going to stick?

Criss: I don't know!  Completely objective for my character, they do it based off that one number right? And I don't particularly remember doing a great job in that number.

NNN: He was showy.

Criss: They told me to be showy. Hey, whatever, it's funny. If that's what Blaine is now then it's my job to live up to it.  If he's going to be a little more diva-ish then bring it on. As a fan of Blaine I thought it was kind of strange, but hey man, things move on and change.

To be fair, we're pretty excited about any changes in store for Blaine this season (yes, even if that change includes heartbreak -- it's good television!)  Next week, the club takes on Britney Spears and Criss will duet with former boybander Kevin McHale on a Boys/Boyfriend (by Justin Bieber) mashup number. McHale told WetPaint that the number was "an inspired performance to help another member of the glee club who maybe down on his or herself."  Intriguing!


Rae Votta (@RaeVotta)'s favorite part of Glee this week was when Blaine tried to do a step performance to "It's Time."