Tessa Thompson Wants Valkyrie in a Throuple With Thor and Captain Marvel

"With Thor in the baby spoon."

If the early reactions to Avengers: Endgame are any indication, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are in for an orgasm of incredible emotion. Though if Tessa Thompson, AKA Valkyrie, had her way, emotions wouldn't be the only thing erupting in theaters.

In a recent interview with Variety, Thompson, who appears as badass Asgardian (badAsgardian?) warrior Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and in Endgame, reflected on how she approached portraying the bisexuality of her character, given there wasn't much exposition around it.

“In the canon, [Valkyrie] is bisexual. You see her with women and men, so that was my intention in playing her,” Thompson said. “Obviously, at the forefront of most of these stories is not typically their romantic life. They have big stakes, like saving the world, so that tends to sort of trump.”

The bisexual actress has been adamant about Valkyrie's bisexuality from day one, even convincing Ragnarok director Taika Waititi to film a glimpse of a woman slinking out of Valkyrie's bedroom. Waititi left it in the film as long as he could but ultimately cut it for the sake of exposition.

As for Endgame, Thompson has heard fan speculation of a "communal spoon" between Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie, and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)—"just a spoon between friends that are hard-working"—and she's here for it. As a matter of fact, she'd like to take it one romantic step further.

“It could be polyamorous, why not? A thruple [sic],” Thompson offered. “With Thor in the baby spoon. It’s like there’s Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, and then whoever’s sort of holding him, is what I’m thinking.”

I've personally envisioned a Thor/Hulk/Thanos triumvirate, but that's what's so great about fan-fiction: the near-infinite porno pairings. Sexcelsior!