Pedro Pascal Says Filming Almodóvar's New Gay Western Was "Absolutely Intoxicating"

'Strange Way of Life' will premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Pedro Pascal is going from the Living Waters of Mandalore to the wild wild West.

In a new interview with Insider, the Last of Us crush talks about filming Strange Way of Life, the highly anticipated upcoming short Western directed by Oscar winner Pedro Almodóvar.

"He [Almodóvar] absolutely opened up an entire world of storytelling, color, culture, rebellion, and sexuality that was just absolutely intoxicating, dangerous, hilarious, heartbreaking, and encompassing the whole spectrum, but with such a signature style," revealed Pascal. "It could have been anything that he asked me to do, and I would have done it without question."

The Mandalorian actor also had kind words for his co-star, Ethan Hawke, saying: "To get to work with Ethan, whose movies I've seen since I was a little kid, who I've seen on stage off-Broadway, on Broadway, whose books I've read, whose plays I've seen him direct, and big movie, small movies, horror movies. It was really an incredible opportunity to go, learn, and to enjoy the experience of being on the level of people like that." 

"Taking it all in was incredible," he added.

In a new Esquire profile on Pascal, Almodóvar said he asked the actor to play "someone solid, emotional, crafty, a cheat if necessary, warmhearted. And he played all those nuances with incredible ease. He can be adorably sentimental and hard as nails. He’s a great comic actor, and he can also be impenetrable if necessary.”

As Logo previously reported, Hawke will "play a sheriff, while Pascal plays another middle-aged gunslinger who lives on the opposite side of the desert." The two reunite after they were both hired gunmen 25 years earlier.

"After twenty-five years Silva (Pascal) rides a horse across the desert to visit his friend Sheriff Jake (Hawke). They celebrate the meeting, but the next morning Jake tells him that reason for his trip is not to go down the memory lane of their friendship," reads the IMDB plot summary.

In an interview with Indiewire last year, Almodóvar said that Strange Way of Life "could be like my answer to Brokeback Mountain."

“It’s about masculinity in a deep sense, because the Western is a male genre,” described Almodóvar. “What I can tell you about the film is that it has a lot of the elements of the Western — it has the gunslinger, it has the ranch, it has the sheriff — but what it has that most Westerns don’t have is the kind of dialogue that I don’t think a Western film has ever captured between two men. And now I think I’m telling you a little bit too much.”

"One of them travels through the desert to find the other," the director revealed in his IndieWire interview. "There will be a showdown between them, but really the story is very intimate."

In a statement when the film was initially announced, Almodóvar said: “I won’t say any more because I don’t want to reveal all the script’s surprises."

Strange Way of Life was filmed in English and shot in Southern Spain. The short will premiere next month at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

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