Father Rails Against Play About Gay Princes At Son's School: "Depraved... Borderline Pedophelia"


A father allegedly posted a lengthy homophobic rant to Facebook after his son's school put on a play about two princes falling in love.

Julian Marsh took to social media to complain about the play after his son came home from school one day saying that he had "learned about gays."

In his post, he railed against the school, saying that anyone who tries to promote PC sex talk with kids younger than 11 are depraved and border on pedophilia.

He goes on to say, "It has nothing to do with gay sex that upset us but the lack of parental consent, a bit like finding the school had decided it has the right to vaccinate your kids for you and did it without your consent because it knows best."

Carrie Morrow, the headteacher of Sacred Heart RC Primary, admits to being shocked that the school's lesson on diversity and inclusivity was met by protest from a small minority of the school's parents. The play, performed by a professional theater company, depicted two princes falling in love, which was meant to teach students that there are many different kinds of relationships.

‘I know for some schools it is not an easy aspect of the curriculum to teach, but our pupils handled it with maturity and sensitivity,’ Ms Morrow said.

When approached by local newspapers, Mr. Marsh denied being homophobic and refused to further comment on the matter.

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