Is Kylie Minogue a Ghost in Her New Music Video?

Has our favorite pop princess crossed over to the other side?

Kylie Minogue is ending the Golden era on a melancholy note.

The Aussie pop diva has released a music video for "Music's Too Sad Without You," what is reportedly the final single off of her Golden album.

The track is a duet with Jack Savoretti, and the single version has been given a slight remix (note the jingle bells in the background, causing it to be dubbed a "Christmas mix").

The video has Kylie hanging out in a beautiful empty theater, lounging in seats and walking around onstage, as Jack plays his guitar backstage—singing about their past love.

Is Kylie a ghost? Is she doomed to haunt this theater for all of eternity? Maybe we have just been watching too much Haunting of Hill House, but we think our favorite pop princess just crossed over to the other side.

See for yourself in the new video below.

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