Woman Tired Of Abercrombie & Fitch Sizeism Commissions "Attractive And Fat" Photo Shoot

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We've all heard the backlash against Mike Jeffries, the Silly Putty faced CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch who insisted his company didn't make XL sizes for women because he "doesn't want his core customers to see people who aren't as hot as them wearing his clothing."

But one woman put her frustration to work, commissioning a kick-ass, sexy, photo shoot featuring her big and beautiful self with a typical A+F hunk.

Jess Baker, who blogs under the name The Militant Baker, then sent the images to Jeffries with a letter explaining the project:

...Never in our culture do we see sexy photo shoots that pair short, fat, unconventional models with not short, not fat, professional models. To put it in your words: "unpopular kids" with "cool kids." It's socially acceptable for same to be paired with same, but never are contrasting bodies positively mixed in the world of advertisement. The juxtaposition of uncommonly paired bodies is visually jarring, and, even though I wish it didn’t, it causes viewers to feel uncomfortable. This is largely attributed to companies like yours that perpetuate the thought that fat women are not beautiful. This is inaccurate, but if someone were to look through your infamous catalog, they wouldn't believe me.

I've enclosed some images for your consideration. Please let me know what you think.

A note: I didn't take these pictures to show that the male model found me attractive, or that the photographer found me photogenic, or to prove that you're an ostentatious dick. Rather, I was inspired by the opportunity to show that I am secure in my skin and to flaunt this by using the controversial platform that you created. I challenge the separation of attractive and fat, and I assert that they are compatible regardless of what you believe.

Not only do I know that I'm sexy, but I also have the confidence to pose nude in ways you don’t dare. You are more than welcome to prove me wrong by posing shirtless with a hot fat chick; it would thrill me to see such a shoot.

But don't think Jess is some uptight feminazi with no sense of humor: In her letter, she tells Jeffries if he wants "to offer me a 'substantial amount' to stop wearing your brand so my association won't 'cause significant damage to your image,' don't hesitate to email me."

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Photo: Liora K Photography

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