Justin Bieber Just Made Jasmine Masters A Viral Star

The "Drag Race" queen reached Justin's 73.1 million followers in a matter of hours.

Justin Bieber is officially down with the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race, and it appears one of his favorites is Jasmine Masters.

The pop star posted a video of the season 7 powerhouse on his Instagram last night, blasting her out to his more than 73.1 million followers and instantly launching her into viral fame.

In the video, originally posted to Masters' YouTube page with the title "fix ur breath," Jasmine rants about people who have smelly breath and don't realize it.

"I don't understand why people's breath be mother fuckin' stinky and they don't taste it," she says with her signature sass. "You gotta taste it cause I smell a hot boiled ass porta potty mess coming out your mouth."

A banner above the video reads, "This is my favorite video rn." Justin captioned it, "Haha."

The video has been watched over 2.4 million times and liked 560,000 times in the 10 hours since it was posted.

And people on Twitter are rightfully excited:

If he thought that was funny, just wait until someone tells him about the cocoon!

Meet Jasmine below:

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