Snow Days: Shangela Answers Our Winter Wonderland Questionnaire

"I would build snow queens with wigs made of sticks!"

The queens of Drag Race turned snow bunnies at Aspen Gay Ski Week, where they joined Logo for all kinds of antics—including aprés-ski parties, a downhill drag race, comedy cabaret and more. You can watch all the fun now through January 29 on Logo’s “Snow Days” blocks.

Below, we caught up with the Werqin Girl, Shangela and had her answer our Winter Wonderland questionnaire.

Brittany Travis/Logo

What’s your secret trick to getting warm?

Finding the nearest Sugar Daddy and cuddling up next to him! (Just kidding...y'all know I don't have a Sugar Daddy, I never had a Sugar Daddy!)

What’s your favorite wintertime memory from childhood?

I grew up in Texas so anytime it snowed, it was a holiday miracle. I would build snow queens with wigs made of sticks...which is probably where I got the inspiration for Frostgela the Snow Ho.

What’s your least favorite thing about winter now?

Now I live in Los Angeles so anytime it drops below 60 I'm a cranky icicle.

Would we find you on the slope or in the lodge?

In the lodge baby. I'd rather be roasting my chestnuts on an open fire than freezing them off in a winter wonderland.

If you were in the winter Olympics what sport would you compete in?

Bobsledding! It's a team sport and looks like basically riding a Six Flags rollercoaster with friends. Call me Cool Runnings fish!

What’s the most essential piece of winter wear someone can own?

Faux furs! They scream luxurious glamour... and you don't have to worry about PETA dousing you with blood.

If you were a snow man, what would your drag name be?

Well since I already gave Frostgela to my Snow Ho homegirl, I would say "LaSnowfa!"

Catch all the fun now on Logo’s “Snow Days,” airing through January 29.

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