George Clooney: Playing Sparky, The Gay Dog On "South Park," "Completed My Career"

Fans played along, asking him about riding motorcycles ("It's a head-clearing thing") Sandra Bullock ("Very smart and centered even though she does drink a lot.") and his favorite hobby, cobbling.

Yes, cobbling.

When one participant asked about Daniel Day-Lewis's shoemaking, however, G-Cloon went off.

Let me just tell you this. When Daniel Day-Lewis was spending all his time playing Lincoln, I was just fixing shoes. He's speding all the time focused on the hat, and the pipe, and getting into character, and I remained focused - with the overalls and the hammer.

He was asked about playing Batman in the Joel Schumacher movie. (y'know, the one with nipples.)

You’ve got to remember that when you’re doing a movie, a lot of times you’re spending 4 or 5 months on set and sometimes you’re making really good friends and sometimes not. Some of the best films have been the least fun experiences and some of the worst, I’ve made lifelong friends out of it.

It’s the kind of thing where the memory of the film is very different than how it was reviewed, because it’s months out of your life and you end up making close friends or having great experience on films that don’t necessarily work. And that’s a tricky thing to come to terms with.

How very diplomatic, George.

What was your reaction to being offered the role of Stan's dog in South Park? Did you accept right away or did you take some time to think about it?

Sparky the gay dog? It was sort of a surprise for me. I mean, here’s something odd, I had never played a dog before. To finally play Sparky the dog was something that I think pretty much completed my career.

Not everyone felt that way. Remarked one commenter, "Eh, I feel like all his characters are just Sparky the gay dog with a different haircut."

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