Teens Vandalize Gay Couple's Outdoor Christmas Display

"I would love for their parents to see what their deviant spawn have done."

A gay couple in Toronto got the wrong kind of Christmas surprise when they found three of their inflatable Christmas characters in their front yard had been slashed with a knife by teens.

Luckily, the men, Adam Broker and Chris Barsnicki, have receipts because the whole incident was caught on camera.

"I was devastated, I was furious," Broken told CTV News. His partner, Barsnicki is full of the Christmas spirit and has decorated his yard for the holidays for the past 12 years. He even dresses up as Santa for the local children.


"I was devasated, more violated, because I do this for the kids in the neighborhood," Barsnicki said.

Their neighbors were also outraged by the violent act, one when interviewed by CTV said the youths "really ruined the Christmas spirit."

Broker said there was about $500 in damages done to the giant inflatables, but Barsnicki doesn't want their money—he wants them to pay a local charity or do some community service. The couple have reported the incident to the police.

"I would love for their parents to see what their deviant spawn have done," he said.

Let's hope that in addition to community service the teens also receive some coal in the stockings this Christmas.

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