"Drag Race" Super-Fan Creates Lego Sculptures Of Season 8 Queens

"I just fell in love with so many of the queens right from the first preview."

Sam Hatmaker is a Lego superstar—he's the guy who created Lego displays of The Golden Girls that were featured on Good Morning America and everywhere else.

Now Sam's turned his expert eye to another beloved show: RuPaul's Drag Race. Inspired by the creativity and color of the new girls, he's fashioned Lego sculptures of several Season 8 queens.

"I just fell in love with so many of the queens right from the first preview and watched the "Meet the Queens" segments at least three times each," he told me.

Below, check out Sam's incredible creations.

Kim Chi

"I'm in love with Kim Chi's style," says Sam. "She has so much thought and creativity in each look, and his nerd influences make me feel we are kindred spirits and would be great friends."

Acid Betty

Sam admits his interest in this New York doll is pretty personal.

"I want to go on a date with Acid Betty. I know she comes across as a bitch to some people, but all I see is dedication to her craft, a desire to do great work and a character she becomes. We both live in NYC and if she wants to go out sometime, she should contact me."

Bob the Drag Queen

"Bob makes me laugh with just a facial expression and her attitude seems so positive and friendly," says Sam. "He also has talent oozing out. Did you see the quality of the dress he made from curtains? AMAZING!"

Thorgy Thor

"Thorgy just likes to have fun and doesn't seem like she wants the fight or drama—she just wants to dress up and be merry," says Sam. "That attitude is seems rare in the drag community."

If your favorite Season 8 contestant didn't get the Lego treatment, don't worry—Sam says he may do more figures this season, "if I feel the look calls for it."

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