Morocco Police Arrest 20 People Accused Of Homosexuality, Charges Them With “Incitement To Corruption”

Police in Morocco have reportedly arrested 20 people accused of homosexuality in the coastal restort town of Agadir, according to LGBT rights group the Aswat Collective.

On Tuesday, Al Massae newspaper reported on the arrests, stating the suspects—gay men and trans women, mostly—were being charged with “incitement to corruption.”

“The Moroccan authorities reaffirm their position through this campaign of oppression and arrests targeting homosexuals, while the country is having an intense debate relative to the decriminalization of homosexuality,” the Collective said in a statement.

While Morocco is considered one of the more progressive countries in the Middle East, homosexuality is still illegal, and activists report a crackdown in recent months.

Today, two men will be sentenced for “violating public modesty” by holding hands for a photo in Rabat, the country's capital. They face up to three years in prison.

Earlier this month, June two French women were arrested and deported for kissing topless at the same location. And in September, a British tourist was arrested for “homosexual acts” and spent weeks in prison, until the British Consulate secured his freedom.

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