Watch These Fans Lose Their Minds When Kesha Hits That Whistle Note In "Praying"

"Mariah Carey, is that you girl?"

We have been #TeamKesha for years and thankfully the "Tik Tok" singer—and RuPaul's Drag Race guest judge—is back with an emotionally-raw new single, "Praying."

If you are unfamiliar with the Song of the Summer contender take a moment now to watch the spiritual music video for the song below.

Now, did you clutch your pearls when the drums kicked in at that 2:23 mark and Ms. Kesha Rose hit that high whistle note? Well, you weren't the only one.

A new compilation video shows reactions from YouTubers feeling their spirit when she belts it out in the song.


"That whistle she just did with her voice... dude, this is amazing," says YouTuber KosherKru. Along with our favorite, Adony Rios, who loses his mind over while wearing a shirt covered in Katya.

"I got chills," exclaims Dylan Matthews, another YouTuber.


Get ready to go to church when you watch the reaction video below.

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