Shonda Rhimes Shoots Down Homophobic "How To Get Away With Murder" Viewer With Most Awesome Tweet Ever

We've been praising the gay sex scenes on How to Get Away With Murder, but apparently not everyone loves them.

On Sunday, a viewer tweeted HTGAWM executive producer Shonda Rhimes to complain about the show's same-sex shenanigans. "shondarhimes the gay scenes in scandal and how to get away with murder are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot," tweeted Dina Abdel Hakiem.

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Without missing a beat, Rhimes tweeted back "There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them."

A minute later, she added " If u use the phrase "gay scenes", u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. "

Bang. Dead.

As for what those gay scenes add to How To Get Away With Murder, Richard Lawson explains in Vanity Fair:

What caught me off guard, though, is how oddly moved I’ve been to see how the Connor character functions on the show. Because you forget how rare it is to see a person like yourself (albeit a way younger, sexier person) kiss and get laid and just be gay on TV.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that gay kids seek this stuff out desperately, while their straight peers have it in abundance. But it’s hard to find, or at least has been in the past. That lack of recognition is a lonely, alienating feeling, one that gets painfully internalized over the years.

So HTGAWM's forthcomingness about its gay character’s gayness, like it’s not only "no big deal," but just as sexy as everything else, makes the show seem, rather deliriously, like an artifact from a new world.

This is a show that hints at what the most mainstream of television could look like in just a few years—open, inclusive, diverse in an easy, natural way.

Won't Dina be miserable then.