Let The First Lady Of Cameroon Chantal Biya Teach You How To Dress For Every Occasion

Heads of state have many obligations, what with the balancing of budgets, the quelling of insurgents and just generally gallivanting about the world. This flurry of activity begs the question: What to wear?

Chantal Biya, the so-fabulous-it-hurts First Lady of Camerooooooooooooon, has the answer. Meeting the Pope? Contrasting black shroud with hair piled high to the heavens. Havig a kiki with Michelle Obama? Fuchsia pantsuit with a mullet. Going to the laundromat?  Full face. Hell, waking up in the morning: full face.

Like much of Africa, Cameroon has criminalized homosexuality, which is ironic considering their first lady is basically a drag queen.

With Chantal and her hubby, Cameroonian president Paul Biya, in D.C. for the Africa summit, let's take a look at La Biya's ridiculously epic eleganza.

Now I finally see the wellspring of Bebe Zahara Benet's fierceness.

Photos: Getty Images / Gif: Tumblr