The Best and Worst Magazine Covers of June 2016

Who are you going to take to the beach with you: Lucky Blue Smith, Nick Jonas or Queen Elizabeth?

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s untrue when it comes to fashion magazines. Each month we dissect covers far and wide using our patented Anna Wintour rating system.

Summer is here, and it's always a horse race to determine what will be the song, face, look, boy, etc. of the season. You have your thoughts, here are ours.


Ever since she did 5th Wave, Chloe Grace Moretz tends to come off as a little out of this world – and not at all in the way all that Neighbors 2 would have us believe. Sad that one of Hollywood’s younger faces was subjected to so much retouching. Maybe she’ll Lena Dunham the original shot out of them yet.

Dazed Korea

It's a Lucky Blue Smith summer: Modeling's newest It Boy is popping up in every men’s magazine with no end in sight. Hopefully his turning 18 this month doesn't mean he's past his sell-by date. The fashion world can be so cruel.


Leave it to GQ to take the cheeky route (literally) to give us the “funnest” summer ever. Hailey Clauson looks a little awkward here, with that arm just hanging over Gronk’s pec. (Grab it, girl!) But you’ve got to hand it to 'em for pulling off this reddish-orange/yellow scheme without entirely evoking ketchup and mustard.


What a world when the gay-baitiest Jonas brother creates a fierce firestorm: Out has always come under scrutiny for its straight-white celeb covers, but few have been as problematic as this Pride month misstep. It’s like Nick himself is skeptical here of why he was courted to be on the cover of this issue. Maybe that’s why he barely opened up during the interview?


Grrrrowl, Margot Robbie. While we'll probably be way more interested in Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan when their remake drops in July, this cover is a healthy dose of pure Vogue summer sizzle. Maybe fabulous resort shots like these are the reason Anna decided to go sunglasses-all-the-time. What's up with that weird dangling strap, though?


Trans model Laith Ashley knocks it out of the park with this sexy Attitude cover. And while he says his biggest modeling challenge is his height, we think he's perfectly proportional.

Elle UK

It Girl Léa Seydoux smolders in Louis Vuitton, serving whimsical authority ramped up to 1000%. There’s also a heavy dose of Kate Moss here that really elevates the impact of this moment.

Esquire UK

Tom Hiddleston inspires a lot of high rising in these shots, despite his traditional garb. The subscriber cover at right is the kind of candid moment that really makes an awesome cover. The composition, styling and pose all articulate everything the cover lines on the newsstand cover shout at you. (And speaking of lines, yes, he has some on his face! Brilliant.)

Vogue China Me

Elsewhere in the land of baby-boy cover stars, Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn is stepping out on his own with this Vogue China cover aimed at millennial readers. Well, not completely on his own—there are two other faces there.

L’Uomo Vogue

What better way to celebrate Kit Harington’s initiation into the "Boys Who Lived" club than this spooky Norman Jean Roy shoot of Jon Snow lounging on the Iron Islands. Any Lord Commander knows you’ve got to have just the perfect beard game when facing your enemies.

GQ Style

Gronk and Hailey sucked all the fun GQ could muster this month because this supplement is pretty, um, stark. It would have been more interesting as a “your face here!” headless torso Snapchat filter.


The timing of Lily Rose Depp's cover is a little unfortunate given her dad's divorce drama—but a smart girl knows how to use any moment to her advantage. Here she isn't so much appearing on the cover as she is climbing out of it. It may induce vertigo, but it certainly stands out on the magazine rack.

Teen Vogue

While I'm #TeamLuckyBlueSmith, I'm also happy there's a male Hadid we can obsess over, as well. Seriously, these families need to have a runway battle royale. And the winner gets to deliver us that fab printed top Cameron Dallas is rocking.

Rolling Stone

This Oscar Issac cover looks at Kit Harrington’s L’Uomo Vogue cover, smirks and one ups it with an adorable pooch. Isn’t it a little weird how much he and the dog look alike? Also, Rolling Stone still can't figure out what to do with its cover typography.

Glamour UK

Kylie’s subscriber cover comes off as half-executed: It’s like she just changed out of that blue Duct Tape dress and was posting to her Instagram when someone shouted, “Strike a pose!”


W wants to be Interview so badly. But looking beyond that weird stamped-on typography, it looks like someone happened upon Cara’s corpse and covered it with a bathmat. She's (somewhat) more vibrant in the alternate cover, but I thought we all agreed about bows and cleavage. No? Just me, I guess.

Vanity Fair

When you're the queen of friggin' England, you pretty much get to do whatever you want–including posing for Annie Leibovitz with your corgis. (If those bitches could talk...)

Admittedly, there's too much text going on here—do you really need to upsell Queen Elizabeth?—but kudos for the vibrant color scheme and making Liz look sweet and approachable.

Elle Man Czech

Usually I try to judge the book strictly by its cover, but knowing that Jason Morgan bares all inside the pages of Elle Man Czech, how can I ignore it?

Elle Canada

I'm not a fan of the weird way her hair flops over the title, but this Elizabeth Olsen cover is maximum glam and a perfect approach to the softer side of fashion. It’s a impeccable, memorable moment as her career is surging forward.

Harper’s Bazaar Serbia

What a fabulous homage to Prince. Every aspect of the styling here is deliberate and executed flawlessly. (OK, the headphones may be a bit much.) Casting Chanel Iman has us gently weeping purple tears.

Men’s Fitness

Zac Efron is only 28, but this veiny over-Photoshopped cover makes him look about 45. And putting a shirt on the Neighbors 2 star should be a felony—or at least a misdemeanor.

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