Poker Player Paid $550,000 To Get Rainbow Gay Pride Tattoo: PHOTO

A high-stakes poker player has walked away with $550,000, just for getting a gay-pride rainbow tattooed on the back of his neck.

Jeff Gross, a high-stakes player, got the LGBT symbol as part of a bet with billionaire Bill Perkins. When the two were hanging out in Amsterdam this summer Gross agreed to get whatever Perkins wanted inked on his nape (barring certain things like swastikas and genitals).

Word got out about Gross' new look when fellow poker player Dan Bilzerian posted a photo on Instagram

To his credit, Gross is fine with the tat: “I am not homophobic, obviously. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not gay for sure, but I’m totally cool with it," he tell "I support gay marriage, gay rights, I have friends who are gay. So yeah, it could have been worse, it could have been better.”

Some other gamblers aren't being very mature about it, though. “Um will someone pls pay me half a mil to get something gay tattooed on my body?," tweeted Jonas Entin "i’ll get “i am gay” f**k the rainbow.”