Lily Tomlin Talks Coming Out And A Potential "9 To 5" Reunion

The actress has been promoting her new film "Grandma" co-starring Laverne Cox.

Everybody loves Lily Tomlin.

The actress/comedian/legend has been experiencing something of a career resurgence, largely in part to her hit Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, co-starring Jane Fonda.

Her latest project, Grandma, has been particularly acclaimed, even generating some early Oscar buzz.

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In the film Tomlin plays Elle, a lesbian poet coping with the death of her longtime partner. But things get even harder for Elle when her granddaughter Sage shows up on her doorstep, knocked up, alone and in need of some case. Elle has no other choice but to do what grandmothers do best: Help.

"It was nice that I was gay, that I was playing someone of an age who could've lived all of those things," Tomlin told The Independent, reflecting on her experience shooting the film.

When asked if she had ever felt pressure to come out publicly, she simply said, "No" adding that: "From the gay community, from hardcore gay activists, I had a lot of friends who were pursuing a more pro-active exhibition of their thoughts. I was always very supportive of gay causes… I would've had to call a press conference and made a big announcement – it was just too corny. Everybody that I talked to, in the industry or journalism, they knew that I was gay, that I had a partner named Jane Wagner for so many years – and still am. But they just didn't write about it much then."

Whether the Oscar nomination actually pans out or not, Tomlin is busy getting ready for season two of Grace and Frankie. If we're lucky enough to get a season three, we could see a 9 to 5 reunion in the form of a guest appearance from legend Dolly Parton.

"Everybody has been after us for that," Tomlin says. "Jane and I think we've devised a way to get her into the third season without putting too big a 9 to 5 imprint on it."

Keeping our finger's crossed on this one.

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