The Mom Who Crocheted "The Golden Girls" For Her Son Officially Won Christmas

We have never been so jealous.

We're pissed at Santa.

We had plenty of presents underneath the tree this Christmas, but after looking on Twitter we see that jolly 'ol St. Nick forgot one present that would have been our favorite, hands down: a crocheted set of Golden Girls.


Now, we can't be that angry because these aren't something that can be bought in a store or even made by by one of Santa's elves—well, maybe Hermey. Twitter user—and obvious Golden Girls fan—David Goodwin posted a pic of the crochet Dorothy and company made by his mom who gave them to him on Christmas.

"Y’all I really don’t deserve my mom. She hand crocheted me the Golden Girls," Goodwin tweeted.

The tweet went viral with more than 64,000 likes and even celebrities like Maureen McCormick—Marcia Brady, herself—fell in love with the homemade recreations of our favorite sitcom foursome.


Other members of Goodwin's family are also asking for crocheted version of their favorite things, like his dad who asked for a crocheted Captain Morgan.


We wouldn't pick Captain Morgan, but can we please put in an order for a crocheted set of the Will & Grace gang? We would love to be able to hug our own little Jack and Karen.

The pattern for The Golden Girls crochet is actually available on Etsy, but we're putting in our order now so Santa has plenty of time to work on our present for next year.

h/t: Mashable

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