Rapper Young Thug Denies Rumors, Insists He's "Not A F*g" In New Song

Homphobia is alive and well in hip-hop.

Rampant rumors about Jeffrey Lamar Williams (AKA Young Thug)'s sexuality have been floating around since the Atlanta-born rapper burst onto the scene in 2011.

Last month, his friend, fellow rapper Rich Homie Quan, came under fire after he called a fan a faggot for attempting to grope him on stage. Quan invoked Young Thug's name, telling the fan: "Get your gay ass away from me. I don’t f*ck with no faggot f*cks! Looking like Young Thug, get the f*ck away from me. I don’t like sissies, n*ggas!”

It seemed like a mature move for the 24-year-old, choosing to avoid turning the debacle into a senseless defense of his heterosexuality.

However, that good sense proved momentary when Thus yesterday released his latest track, "Serious."

"Green and red motherf*ckin' flag / I dress like a prince, not a fag / No, I'm not gay when I hit it though they rate me," the rapper spits.

Is the brash display of homophobia shocking? Hardly. Still, it's frustrating to see hip-hop remain so stubborn in its lack of openness toward the LGBT community.

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