Ruby Roo Struts Through New York City To The Beat Of Frank Ocean's "Solo"

The video offers a haunting look at what it's like to stand out in the crowd.

Brooklyn-based drag queen Ruby Roo stuns in a new video that explores both the strength and vulnerability that come with marching to the beat of one's own drum.

Director Michelle Cassis' "One Way" opens on Ruby slaying the streets of New York while Frank Ocean's "Solo" plays in the background.

Decked out in bright colors and a sumptuous blonde wig, the queen stomps forward while passerby in dark outfits slowly trudge backwards. She stands out, a burden that emboldens her, yet also makes her feel alone.

By the video's end, Ruby's back in her bedroom, where she shakes off her wig, wipes off her sickening beat and is once again able to blend into the muted world around her.

Check out the gorgeous short below.

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