Wig Little Lies: Renata Will Not NOT Be Rich!

In the latest episode of "Big Little Lies," Laura Dern has an epic meltdown as the truth rises to the surface.

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A lot of shit went down on this week's Big Little Lies: Jane and Celeste's sons found out they share the same dead dad; Madeline's husband found out she cheated on him —both the result of Madeline's kids not being able to keep their mouths shut… much like their mom. A raccoon-eyed Celeste crashed her car in an Ambien daze. Bonnie's mother came to visit, downed some wine, and read her husband, Ed, to filth. Mary Louise reignited her feud with Madeline and inched a little closer to the truth about her son's fatal fall. But it all paled in comparison to Renata's epic meltdown.

Real talk: Laura Dern is just in a completely different show than everyone else. It's called Renata: Fucking Woman in Power, and it's a screwball comedy, and Dern is giving the performance of a lifetime.

Moments after learning she's going to be on the cover of "the No. 1 women's magazine in the U.S. of Fucking A.," her life falls apart. The good news is that she's dressed impeccably as it happens.

Her husband, Gordon, gets arrested by the FBI on various charges of fraud, forcing her to visit him in jail. Her look of exasperation when she has to go through the metal detector more than once perfectly captures Renata Klein's very essence.

Her spouse is behind bars—not to mention she's the accessory to a murder she's all but casually forgotten about—but nothing enrages her more than being mildly inconvenienced. That is, except, the possibility of poverty.

Look at her—she can't even bring herself to say "poor" or even "middle class."

Turns out Gordon has played fast and loose with their finances, and they might lose it all—the very idea of which is enough to set off Renata, who grew up with nothing and is therefore unwilling, like Scarlett O'Hara in a Givenchy blazer, to ever go hungry again.

Once Gordon's out on bail, the real magic happens. First of all, a big round of applause for this line.

Gordon doesn't seem to understand just how pissed Renata is, so when he has the nerve to suggest that they're in this mess because of her greed, the shit hits the fan and Renata hits the breaks in the middle of the highway and kicks his ass to the literal curb.

She then drives away, one middle finger out the window and the other out the sunroof, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Somebody give this woman another Emmy.

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