This Moving Short From Kodak Demonstrates The Power Of Love

"Understanding," filmed by Terry Rayment, is truly poignant.

A new short from Kodak shows that sometimes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

"Understanding," directed by Terry Rayment, follows a father has he struggles to come to terms with the revelation that his teenage son, Nolan, is gay.

The almost completely silent video begins when Nolan's sister opens his bedroom door to find him kissing his teammate, Dillon.

Over the next two minutes, we see Nolan grappling with coming out to his family while his father appears to be ignoring the situation altogether.

That is, until the family gathers to celebrate his birthday and Nolan receives a surprise gift from his dad that let's him know just how much he loves him.

The moving ad isn't the first inclusive TV spot to bring us to tears in 2016—earlier this year, a commercial from the Philippines taught us about unconditional love, a spot from Zales brought us a gorgeous same-sex wedding and a Danish ad showed us the power of trans acceptance.

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