Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani Are Lovestruck Queer Rebels in New "What I Need" Music Video

Oh, we're sure.

Hayley Kiyoko has dropped another sapphic masterpiece of a self-directed music video, this time with fellow out artist Kehlani as her rebellious love interest.

The video for the duo's collab single "What I Need" sees Kehlani leave a tense living situation and embark on a road trip with Kiyoko. The two drink and flirt in a bar, but when it's time to the hit the road again, their adventure takes a turn for the worse: Kiyoko's car spirals out of control, leaving the pair stranded on the side of a desert road.

Hayley Kiyoko/YouTube

Kiyoko and Kehlani remain in good spirits—that is, until a hitchhiking decision puts them at odds. Never fear, though: Kehlani comes running back down the road for Kiyoko, and the two lock lips in the most epic and sensual roadside smooch we've ever seen.

On Twitter, Kehlani shared that the music video was her favorite collaboration she's been a part of to date. "Hayley is a genius, an incredible actress, and one of the most diligent and hard-working directors I've ever had the pleasure of working with," she revealed.

When it comes to queer-inclusive music videos, this is hardly Kiyoko's first rodeo: In January, the so-called "Lesbian Jesus" released a sexy music video for hit single "Curious."