ISIS Executes Another Gay Man In Syria, Crowd Stones His Corpse

A crowd gathered below the Islamic Court Building in the city of Raqqa, Syria, last week to watch another alleged homosexual be executed by ISIS.

After being blindfolded, the unnamed victim was pushed from the courthouse roof. Once on the ground, his body was pelted with stones by an eager mob.

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The Mirror reports that the man was accused of sodomy, and was referred to as a "child of Lot," a reference to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and Islam's disapproval of homosexuality.

Twitter user @Raqqa_SI, who has posted numerous updates on the dire situations faced by the Syrian people under ISIS, also reported on the murder:

— الرقة تذبح بصمت (@Raqqa_Sl) February 27, 2015

This was the fourth reported execution of a homosexual carried out since the start of ISIS's recent crackdown.