Armie Hammer Plays Gay Again In New Trailer For "Final Portrait"

It's another European period piece with Armie as a queer intellectual.

It seems the code to making Armie Hammer happen has finally been broken: let him play gay in character-driven period films.

Hot off Call Me By Your Name (and, we suppose, Timothée Chalamet), Hammer portrays gay journalist James Lord in Stanley Tucci's Final Portrait. Set in 1964 Paris, the film fictionalizes sessions between Lord and artist Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush), who asked Lord to sit for him.

What was supposed to be a couple of days turns into weeks of clashing personalities, with Lord alternating between joy and frustration as his boyfriend waits for him back in New York. "Giacometti’s work and life, and Lord’s poignant memoir have fascinated me for years,” said Tucci, who previously directed Big Night and The Imposters.

Early reviews have been positive, so Final Portrait should tide fans of Armie's Army over until that Call Me By Your Name sequel comes out.

Final Portrait opens March 23.

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