Gay Couple Shares Passionate Kiss On "The Walking Dead"

Last week, The Walking Dead finally introduced the comic book's first openly gay character, Aaron. On Sunday night's episode we were treated to a kiss when Aaron was reunited with his boyfriend, Eric.

Actor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, spoke with The Daily Beast, calling the kiss "one of the most beautiful scenes that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting because it dialed into what I think the theme of the show is. This is not a show about zombies; I think it’s a show about relationships and the real human connection that we have to one another."

Marquand discussed he and co-star Jordan Woods-Robinson's approach to the characters:

We really did our best to create a backstory for these two men. It’s not expressly laid out in the comics how long they’ve known each other. Did they know each other before the apocalypse began? We wanted to think they did. We thought it was a stronger choice that they had known each other before everything went to hell. It’s a really endearing love story that way, that these two men had bonded beforehand and then stuck together and protected each other throughout this really difficult time in human history. It’s not unlike any other relationship—there’s fights that occur, there’s little squabbles about how to approach a group. 'Should we approach this group? What do you think of these people? Can we trust them?' There’s going to be disagreements. It was enormously helpful to discuss that with each other before we shot any of those scenes.

Hopefully they will be protecting each other for seasons to come.

Check out a clip featuring Aaron from the new episode (sorry, not the kiss!) below.