Andrew Rannells' Elijah Is Getting A Boyfriend On Upcoming Fifth Season Of "Girls"

"We’re all going to be grown-ups this year!"

Andrew Rannells' Elijah has long been a contentious character in the land of HBO's Girls, since first bursting onto the scene towards the end of Season 1, brazenly telling Lena Dunham's Hannah that her father was gay.

The pronouncement turned out to be me a major foreshadowing, as her father did in fact come out during the show's fourth season finale earlier this year.

Elijah has long been a tumultuous figure in Hannah's life, first twisting a knife in her heart by coming out during their college relationship, then sleeping with her best friend Marnie (Alison Williams) in Season 2 and just being generally really mean.

His last boyfriend, Season 3's Pal (Danny Strong), turned out to be a major dud and Season 4 saw Elijah as more of a tag-along accessory to Hannah.

So what's in store for Hannah's spunky ex?

“I can say that we all sort of get to grow up a little bit this season, or pretend to a little bit," Rannells told Vulture at the Carole premiere. "Like, this is the biggest swing we’re all taking at adulthood. So, Elijah actually gets to have a version of a real relationship, which is very exciting. That was the biggest attempt at, like, ‘We’re all going to be grown-ups this year!’ It’s a lot of fun.”

Season 5 of Girls will premiere on February 21 on HBO.

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