Katya's "Ding Dong" Music Video Is a "Rocky Horror" Ride Through Hell

Vibe check.

If Hell competed in Eurovision, they would submit Katya's "Ding Dong" music video into the competition.

The video for Katya's latest single off of her debut EP, Vampire Fitness, takes us into the mind of everyone's favorite Russian hooker. Spoiler alert: It's just as twisted and rotted as we expected.

"'Ding Dong' is a bar-mitzvah barn-burner dance track in the form of a love letter to Ukrainian artist Svetlana Loboda and makeup guru Val Garland," Katya told Entertainment Tonight, adding how Loboda's "Boom Boom" music video was a big influence for the project.


"I've been obsessed with the music video since the moment it premiered and immediately wanted to do a parody/homage in the style of UNHhhh," she explained. "The result is a kind of Eurovision nightmare dance party in Hell, and I love it."

The "Ding Dong" video is full-on nightmare fuel in the best possible way, with multiple Katyas dancing around the Twin Peaks room with Rocky Horror Picture Show lips. When you think the kookiness can't be kicked up any further, Katya's partner in crime, Trixie Mattel, shows up. Finally, a real woman.

Katya described Vampire Fitness as a “dark and brooding international musical boat ride through the brain and mouth of famous cross-dresser Katya.”

“This brisk and beefy debut explores themes and topics such as eating food, dancing, having sex, relaxing, and DIY dentistry, all delivered in a variety of award-winning languages like Russian, Italian, Portuguese and English,” she said in a statement. “With sexy, fly, hot and beautiful features from song-writing legends Alaska Thunderfuck and Trixie Mattel, it’s hard to believe it’s only $5. Wow!”

Check out the "Ding Dong" video below, but buckle up because it's a ride.