NYC One Step Closer to Electing Its Queerest City Council Yet

Six out council candidates have won their primaries, positioning them for success in November.

New York City is poised to elect its most queer-inclusive city council in history.

City officials have unveiled the latest numbers from the ranked choice voting primary election on June 22, and although the results aren't finalized quite yet, there is still cause for celebration. Six openly LGBTQ+ Democrats vying for seats on the New York City Council won their primaries: Erik Bottcher (Council District 3), Kristin Richardson Jordan (Council District 9), Tiffany Cabán (Council District 22), Lynn Schulmann (Council District 29), Crystal Hudson (Council District 35), and Chi Ossé (Council District 36).

All six candidates are likely to be voted in come November, which would make the newest iteration of the council the queerest one yet. Previously, the council maxed out at five openly LGBTQ+ members at a time. Four of them are still active members, but they will all be termed out this year.

Among this election cycle's winners are community organizer Crystal Hudson of Brooklyn and grassroots candidate Kristin Richardson Jordan of Harlem, both of whom are poised to become NYC's first Black LGBTQ+ councilwomen. At 23 years old, activist Chi Ossé of Brooklyn, who is queer, Black, and Asian, will likely become the youngest council member ever. What's more, New Yorkers are looking at the city's first majority women council in history.

Former Logo30 honoree Marti G. Cummings, a nonbinary activist and drag artist, also ran for a city council seat but did not win.

"Proud to be the 1st non binary candidate for City Council, and I know I won’t be the last," they tweeted on Tuesday (July 6). "Next cycle, let’s get trans, non binary, & gender queer representation into City Hall!"

In a statement, Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, described the diverse slate of city council candidates as "a reflection of the city they aim to represent." All six of the winning candidates were endorsed by the Victory Fund, which works to get LGBTQ+ people elected into office.

"New York City’s LGBTQ community and communities of color are uniquely impacted by the effects of the pandemic, making these six LGBTQ leaders critical to ensuring equitable policies that help all New Yorkers recover," Parker added. "It is a transformational moment for New York City and the ideal time for the council’s LGBT Caucus to grow."

Main image: New York City Council hopeful Tiffany Cabán of Queens.

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