Modesto Straight Pride Organizer's Gay Son Tries to Block Parade

"We don’t want hate in Modesto," says Matthew Mason.

The gay son of a "Straight Pride Parade" organizer in Modesto, California, is the latest vocal critic of his mother's homophobic agenda.

According to The Modesto Bee, 28-year-old Matthew Mason plans to ask his city's council to bar organizers of the so-called Straight Pride from using a public park for a planned rally later this month. Those organizers include Mylinda Mason, a Modesto resident and Matthew's adoptive mother.

“We don’t want hate in Modesto,” Matthew told The Bee, noting that he is estranged from his mother. “I am making sure Modesto is not a place for hate speech."

Matthew will confront the Modesto City Council about the parade at a city council meeting this Wednesday, August 7.

Late last month, homophobes in Modesto followed the lead of cishet "advocates" in Boston, Massachusetts, and announced their plans to stage a Straight Pride rally on Saturday, August 24, from 12-4pm PT in the city's Graceada Park. One organizer even claims a member of the Proud Boys—a white nationalist hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center—has accepted an invitation to attend the event.

As CBS Sacramento reported in July, city officials took a permit filed to hold the rally under consideration.

Meanwhile, Matthew confirmed to The Bee that he also plans to host a candlelit vigil before the upcoming council meeting to protest the Straight Pride event. Here's hoping he's successful in his battle to squash bigotry close to home.

If the resounding amount of pushback in response to Boston's planned Straight Pride event is any indication, Matthew won't have to fight too hard.

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