World's Hottest Math Teacher Is Now New Model For Charlie By MZ Swimwear

Pietro Boselli made headlines a few weeks ago being dubbed the "World's Hottest Math Teacher," after pics snapped of him substitute teaching a math class at University College London went viral, making the Internet wet.

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As it turned out, this was not the first instance of Boselli being observed as a genetically woof-induing specimen of man. In fact, the 27-year-old was crowned the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014 and is the current campaign model for Equinox Gym.

But that's not all. Pietro is now the face–and body, mostly body–of Charlie By MZ swimwear's latest campaign.

In the shots, Pietro has been given a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and an apple (so teacherly) and crowned the "Headmaster" in a send-up to his days of drawing axial vectors on a whiteboard while students secretly filmed him and put it up on the Internet.

No longer a Math Teacher, Pietro has been forced to shorten his title to "The World's Sexiest," as he mines his next career frontier.

Check out the bulge-tastic campaign images below.

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