Max Emerson Doesn't Dress For Dates, Steve Grand Wants To Be A Daddy: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Conrad Ricamora's coastal commute, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki measure up, Heather Morris has "Glee" Reunion with Matthew Morrison

There's a lot of vibes going on here, from his stubble to his hat to the drink

Sippin' guava on a Sunday. Lovin' the cap @marcosquared #happysunday

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They would make beautiful babies together. And dress them in Speedos

It's a backstage Glee reunion

Reunion with mr mattymotown last night!! What an amazing performance :) of course I cried like a baby! Love u matty

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I'd have to miss someone a lot to make this commute every week

"Back, back, forth and forth" - Aaliyah #wheremyearsat #imightbetired #grateful

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Their bodyguard gets to see a lot of cool things

Is it a measurement?

Framed for shoplifting?

He probably got abducted and left it there. Happens all the time

So now he wants to be a daddy? But what makes a daddy? Follow the link to find out.

Me. Every morning. If I go to bed at 11PM, it takes me 90+ minutes to go through my Twitter, Tumblr, and RSS feeds and email anything to snicks from overnight before the gym, so I get up at 4AM

The whole song is finally online

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