RuPaul RuVeals He's MARRIED

Everybody say LOVE!

RuPaul rarely discusses his 23-year relationship with his partner Georges LeBar, but on today's episode of Hollywood Today Live, the queen of all queens announced that they actually tied the knot earlier this year!

Fave USA city

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Ru swung by the show to talk all things Drag Race with host Ross Mathews and when Mathews brought up the subject of Ru's relationship, he decided to let the audience in on his little secret.


"I've never said this on television before... we are married," RuPaul revealed live on the show.

"I met him on the dance floor at Limelight in 1994 on his birthday," he explained to the shocked hosts. "So we got married on his birthday on the anniversary of when we met... so this year in January."

Prissy Kissness!

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"We never wanted to do it," Ru added. "We were looking into for tax breaks and for financial things."

Well, either way, condragulations, Ru!

Check out his big RuVeal in the clip below.

Watch a 2013 clip from Oprah: Where Are They Now where Ru talks about his relationship with LeBar:

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 premieres Friday, March 24 at 8/7c on VH1.

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