WWE Removes Darren Young From Abu Dhabi Show Because He Is Gay

Darren Young, the WWE Wrestler who became the first openly gay WWE Superstar after coming out in 2013, was intentionally not invited to participate in an upcoming WWE tour of Abu Dhabi because of his sexuality.

The 35-year-old wrestling pro was forced to delete tweets criticizing the WWE's decision Tuesday, shortly before the organization released a statement attempting to explain their discriminatory decision.

"Why do we bring the best entertainment into a country [sic] like Abu Dhabi and they look down upon women and gays? I get it! #MillionsofDollars," he tweeted.

The WWE, which admits it's leaving Young out of the show over fears for his safety in the extremely homophobic nation, released the following statement regarding its decisions to discriminate against Young and restrict his free speech:

"WWE does not discriminate against individuals regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we continue to proudly support Fred Rosser (aka WWE Superstar Darren Young) for being open about his sexuality.

Unfortunately, WWE cannot change cultures and laws around the world, and thus we did not send Fred Rosser to the United Arab Emirates for our upcoming events for his own protection.

WWE also fully supports Fred Rosser’s right to express his views on personal social media accounts rather than WWE’s corporate platforms."

After the statement was released, Young tweeted the following:

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) February 11, 2015

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) February 11, 2015

The WWE has no plans to pull their tour from the deeply homophobic region.

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