'The Midnight Club' Canceled: Series Creator Reveals Spence's Season 2 Fate

"The advancements in HIV treatment in the late '90s would come into play," says Mike Flanagan.

No need to stay up past your bedtime because The Midnight Club has been canceled.

The original horror series, based on the series of books by Christopher Pike, premiered on Netflix this past October, but today (Dec. 2) the streamer announced it would not be moving forward with a second season.

Cancelation didn't stop series creator Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass) from revealing what would have happened to the members of the Midnight Club, including what was the fate of Spencer (William Chris Sumpter) a gay teen living with HIV, who was part of the secret society. Since the series is set in the '90s, before the introduction of the drug cocktail that would end up saving the lives of HIV-positive people, Spencer's HIV status was a death sentence, hence why he was at Brightcliffe Hospice.

Eike Schroter/Netflix

In a Tumblr post, following the news of the cancelation, Flanagan revealed what would have happened in the second season of The Midnight Club, and in a welcome twist, Spencer would have lived.

"The advancements in HIV treatment in the late '90s would come into play, and we'd see his prognosis change. The HIV cocktail came out in Dec 1995, and we really wanted to explore that," Flanagan wrote in his post.

"Spence would ride the swell of antiviral advancements, and by the end of the season, he'd no longer be classified as terminal. In the finale of Season 2, Spence would leave Brightcliffe just like Sandra did in Season 1, heading off to manage his disease and live the rest of his life."

Even though fans are disappointed with the news of The Midnight Club's cancelation, at least they get some form of closure. Head over to Flanagan's Tumblr to read what else was in store for the secret society in Season 2.

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