This School Just Adopted A Gender-Neutral Uniform Policy

"We are letting kids be who they are."

A school in Australia has announced its school uniforms will now be gender-nonspecific, allowing all students the choice of wearing trousers, ties, or skirts.

Founded in 1984, Sydney's International Grammar School houses some 1,200 students from pre-K to 12th grade, many of whom come from LGBT families. It's motto is "Unity through Diversity."

"For those students who do identify as far more gender-fluid, the uniform has been a refreshing way for them to identify that," principal Shauna Colnan told Gay Star News.

Class leaders initially requested the policy change, pointing out that some students identify as gender-nonconforming. Some boys had already started coming to school in the girls' uniform, and vice-versa.

"We had a student who identified as agender and teachers were worried about him asking not to wear a tie—and if he would get into trouble for not wearing one," Colnan explained. "I said, let’s make them safe as they could possibly be. It was really a no brainer for us. We can’t continue to have this heteronormative standard in our uniform."

"We are letting kids be who they are," she adds.

Last year, gender-neutral uniform policies were implemented in 80 public schools across the UK, including 40 primary schools. Some implemented new uniforms for everyone, while other schools just eliminated gender-based language from the dress code.

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