Madonna Shows Off Her Singing Pipes In First Clip From New Documentary

[caption id="attachment_106789" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Photo Courtesy of Epix Photo Courtesy of Epix[/caption]

For those of us who love Madonna, but didn't love her enough to plunk down a few hundred dollars for tickets to her recent MDNA Tour, worry not, as Madonna: The MDNA Tour, a documentary that chronicles her top-grossing 2012 worldwide tour, will premiere on Epix June 22.

It's just like being there, but free! And quieter!

The documentary takes a look at Madonna's extraordinary drive, as well as that of the other people on the tour, as they travel to 88 different shows across the world.

“There was just a mammoth amount of footage to get through and find that perfect shot for her,” director Danny Tull told EW. “On ‘Like a Prayer,’ there must be [cuts of concerts from] 50 countries inside that song alone. It was really intense. I think I looked down one day and I was like, ‘Oh, my fingers are about to fall off.’ But it was worth it.”

In the first clip, which you can see here, Madonna auditions dancers while playing "Don't Tell Me' acoustically, and sounds pretty amazing.

Girl's still got it.

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