Chris Brown Makes Homophobic Remark About Frank Ocean, Has Him Chased

[caption id="attachment_61793" align="alignright" width="607" caption="Our friend Frank."][/caption]

Is there really anything left to say about Chris Brown? As if the singer could not prove himself to be a more awful person, he has now made a homophobic remark about Frank Ocean and reportedly had the singer chased in his car -- and there's video.

According to a report, "While leaving Gotha nightclub in Cannes, Chris Brown had some choice words for a paparazzi who asked him about R&B Crooner Frank Ocean. While entering his vehicle Chris was asked about Frank Ocean, to which Brown responded 'Man, no homo!'." We are sure Chris will some inspired reason to explain why he reportedly did this, or how it was misconstrued.

It was also revealed that back in 2011, Brown and Ocean exchanged some heated tweets, and Brown then sent his cousins to chase down Ocean -- and they took video!

Comedian Jenny Johnson may have put it best in a recent tweet. "With so much going on in the world, it's important for us to always remember Chris Brown is a terrible garbage person."

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