How You Can Help Queer Students Secure Their Future

School's in session.

September welcomes students back to the classroom. But while higher education remains essential, tuition is more expensive than ever. According to College Board tuition for an in-state student at a public university averaged $24,610, a record high that’s contributed to an $37,172 student loan debt carried by the average American.

LGBT students are less likely to be receiving support from their parents, so so it’s imperative we help them secure the education they want and deserve.

Got $5?

A whopping 97% of LGBT freshman worry about paying for college, compared to 65% of their peers. The Point Foundation, the country’s largest scholarship organization serving LGBT students of merit, is tackling the problem head-on.

Point Foundation

It promotes education through funding, mentorship, and community service. Having awarded more than 400 scholarships since its founding in 2001, Point relies on corporate and individual donations to expand its reach.

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Got Five Minutes?

Read about rising LGBT leaders who need your support: Point offers insight into its scholars, as does GLSEN, which recently announced its 2017 National Student Council.

NewNowNext has also just launched our inaugural Young Leaders series, profiling six college and high-school age transgender activists. Learn about their work and be inspired to help the next generation of queer changemakers.

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