North Carolina Rep. Says He Regrets Voting For Anti-LGBT Bill, Wants It Repealed

“Have you ever tried to stop a battleship and turn it around?"

North Carolina Rep. Billy Richardson revealed in an op-ed this week that he regrets voting in favor of HB2, and has now made an appearance on Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd to further explain his change in views.

“The bottom line is, I just looked myself in the mirror after this happened and said I made a mistake,” he said. “We need to fix it.”

Richardson said that the tactics used to get the bill passed made it difficult for lawmakers to really know what they were signing.

“Have you ever tried to stop a battleship and turn it around?" he asked. "I believe a lot of people on both sides of the aisle felt that way."

Certainly the Democratic members felt that way, as they chose to walk out of the meeting and refused to vote at all.

Richardson admits to his mistake, however, and now wants to reinstate anti-discrimination laws and expand them to the LGBT community.

He acknowledged Governor Pat McCrory's recent amendment to the anti-LGBT law, but agreed that with most people who oppose the legislation, saying that it wasn't enough.

"I think the governor needs to go farther than where he’s gone and I hope he will," he said. "I really want to be part of the solution to this. It has hurt our credibility in the nation so bad and hurt our businesses. We just can’t afford to lose these jobs."

As for what he wants to do to actually find a solution to the problem, Richardson claimed he plans to introduce a bill to try and repeal the law.

"I have legislation drafted that I will introduce in the short session," he said. "And I open it up to Republicans and Democrats alike that want to fix this problem."

You can watch the entire Meet the Press Daily interview below.

h/t: Towleroad