In the Bag: Go West!

We've got you covered from hat to boots.

Whether you plan to attend the World Gay Rodeo finals next month in Mesquite, Texas; you are headed off to the next big country music festival; or plan to spend the weekend at an LGBT dude (gal?) ranch, you will definitely want to look the part. To help you pack, we've taken the liberty of finding the perfect travel bag for any country-inclined travel as well as a few great things to stash in it.

Hyde & Hare Arlingham Overnight Bag

Photo courtesy of Hyde & Hare

Nothing could be more cowgirl chic than this roomy travel bag, perfectly sized to pack all your western wear. $485

Rockmount Ranch Wear Classic Ombre Stripe Shirt

Photo courtesy of Rockmount Ranch Wear

You should have no problem lassoing whatever (whoever?) you have your eye on in this fetching button down from the store that outfitted the film Brokeback Mountain. $97

Wrangler Cowgirl Cut Ultimate Riding Jean

Image courtesy of Wrangler

If you strive for authenticity, then stick with these classic jeans from Wrangler, a sponsor of the World Gay Rodeo finals. $54

Levi's Original Trucker Jacket

Photo courtesy of Levi's

Of course the key to pairing denim with denim is to make sure that the washes don't match, which is why we opted for this classic jacket in a color they're calling "Throw Elbows." $90

Stallion Caiman Crocodile Triad Boots

Photo courtesy of Pinto Ranch

Two-step in style in this ornately stitched footwear, constructed in navy calfskin and crocodile. $1,495

Alexa Stone Suede Fringe Belt

Photo courtesy of Alexa Stone

The perfect country music festival accessory, this fringed suede belt (shown on the right) comes with front and back pockets so you can ditch your purse and still have access to all your necessities. $320

Stetson Open Road 6x Cowboy Hat

Photo courtesy of Stetson

Like anyone will take you seriously without the hat. $205

By the Way, I Forgive You

Although not exactly packable, download out country/rock singer Brandi Carlile's latest album to listen to along the way. $10