Will Young Saunters Around A Steamy Bathhouse In New Video For "Thank You"

Out British singer Will Young has released a music video for his track "Thank You," from his new LP, 85% Proof, and it's hella steamy.

Literally, though: It's set in a Turkish bath.

The hunky Brit sulks around the humid rooms, sizing up the other gents clad in towels who are also partaking in sweaty brooding.

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During the first chorus, where Young and his falsetto wail "Thank you!" at a former lover who broke his heart, the fellow cruisers–old and young–begin a synchronized dance around him.

One, in particular–the obvious ex Young is lamenting–tries to hide from the singer behind a wall, but is then confronted face-to-face.

He dances around Young as he walks out of the room, trying in vain to get his attention.

In the end, Young wins by doing absolutely nothing, then closes the tune with a simple, "You tore me apart. Fuck you."

The best revenge!

Watch the video for "Thank You" below.