Troye Sivan Addresses Lack of Racial, Gender Diversity at Industry Event

"I would be pissed off, too."

Last month, a dozen queer-identifying musicians got together to discuss homophobia in the music industry. When a photo of the event showing mostly white gay men sitting around a table hit the internet, critics were quick to call out the summit's lack of racial and gender diversity.

"I spoke to some of the organizers. Everyone was invited," Sivan told GQ in a recent interview. "There were definitely people of color invited, definitely women invited. People were traveling. People couldn't make it. Seeing that photo, I'm like, 'Fuck, I get it.' I would be pissed off, too."

The pop sensation told GQ situations like the luncheon motivate him to continue advocating for inclusivity of all people.

"I don't know the backend of all this, but let's say they could only find five people who were not a white gay to invite to this thing, that's a problem. That's one that everyone at the luncheon is aware of. Everyone's intentions are to change that in the future. That was an unfortunate, unfortunate photo of an unfortunate situation where we all looked around the room and were like, 'Well, shit.'"

Adam Lambert and superstar producer Justin Tranter also attended the event.

In response to the backlash, Tranter tweeted out a statement claiming his comments about the lack of diversity were not published in the article.

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