The 15 Hottest Male Celebrities Over 50

In praise of older men.

Whether its genes, exercise, clean living or "good work," some Hollywood hotties are fine well into their sixth or seventh decade.

Any fresh-faced beauty can turn heads, but a seasoned stud is a keeper.

Below, check out our list of hot male celebrities over 50.

Christopher Meloni, 55

Meloni plays the bad boy, even when he was playing good guy Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU.

We wouldn't be opposed to a little heightened interrogation from this TV cop.

Brad Pitt, 52

Pitt has been defying age for years—still looking like a California surfer god well into his 50s. And, of course, now he's single.

Eric McCormack, 53

The Will & Grace star has got the broad shoulders and hips a sweater dreams about. Plus, he just seems so gosh-darn nice.

John Stamos, 53

Does this even need an explanation?

Tom Ford, 55

Now an acclaimed filmmaker, Ford made his name as a top fashion designer. Still, we have to say we wouldn’t mind seeing him with a little less on.

Dylan McDermott, 54

McDermott seems to get better looking as the years go by. How does that work?

Colin Firth, 56

Firth has that English accent going on for him, but it's his versatile acting skills and inborn charm that make the King's Speech star so damn irresistible.

Pierce Brosnan, 63

The Remington Steele star and James Bond icon is dapperness defined—and still turns our head.

Viggo Mortensen, 57

A heady mix of dangerous and sophisticated, Mortensen has starred in everything from Lord of the Rings to Captain Fantastic, and creates art, photography, poetry and music on the side.

He even launched his own press to publish the works of lesser-known authors and artists. Because, why not?

Lenny Kravitz, 52

The rocker and Hunger Games star still makes us hungry.

Djimon Hounsou, 52

It's hard to believe Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" video was 26 years ago. Especially when Hounsou looks exactly the same.

George Clooney, 55

Clooney's not just a looker, he's a gentleman: He's always refused to deny gay rumors, saying it would be insulting to the LGBT community.

Denis O'Hare, 54

He's usually creeping us out on American Horror Story, but under the makeup and prosthetics, this out stage-and-screen star is adorable.

Jon Stewart, 53

The ex-Daily Show host makes us laugh, which is half the equation. The other half is those blue eyes and that seductive smile.

George Takei, 79

We're drawn to Takei's good heart, strong activist bent and hilarious sense of humor—but he's in amazing shape, too: He once did a hundred pushes ups on Conan.

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