Fan Creates "Absolutely Fabulous" Lego Set Featuring Edina's Home And Family

"Holland Park! Holland Park! It's not on the outskirts, either."

Emre Ozpirincci is really excited about the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie—so much so that he created a Lego set featuring the AbFab cast and Edina's swank West London home.

A writer and Lego enthusiast, Ozpirincci was inspired by Glinda the Geek, who recently posted pictures of Patsy and Edina minifigures. He took Glinda's idea a step further, though, giving Edina a Lacroix bracelet and adding Saffie, Gran and Bubbles.

He also recreated Edina's swank West London kitchen with details like the champagne fridge and the staircase we've seen her stumble down so many times.

Gran is there with a baguette, while Saffy is drinking tea. (And yes, Ozpirincci says, those are the pants Eddie got her from Benetton). Bubble, of course, is making sure that New Year's is when the year goes "up one."

"I took the liberty of adding add the rest of the cast to make my kitchen set creation a bit more... colorfully crowded," he tells NewNowNext—modestly claiming his 882-piece wonder "is not one of those 30.000-piece Batcaves or two-gazillion piece replicas of the Titanic."

Pish-posh, sweetie—it's gorgeous. And full of all those wonderful little knicks and knacks and things.

The kitchen is actually based on the one seen in AbFab Seasons One and Two, "before Patsy burns it down and they have to remodel," Ozpirincci explains.

Thankfully, Lego doesn't make teeny little cigarettes for Patsy to burn down this kitchen.

See all of Emre's work on his flickr page. And go see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, in theaters starting July 22.

Catch Logo's 24 Hours of Absolutely Fabulous, featuring all five seasons, on Thursday, July 21, starting at 7:30pm.

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