Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Muna's growing pains and Wrabel's magical latest.

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Lolo Zouaï – “Caffeine”

We won't get though our day without "Caffeine," and after hearing it, neither will you. Paying homage to the pop royalty of the early aughts, the Paris-born singer's hypnotic new track is a glittery bop with so much substance and flare, we can't help but feel amped-up and jittery about her musical future.

Wrabel – “Magic”

Wrabel is the kind of artist who has everything going for him. Case in point: his performance on his sincere latest, “Magic," which perfectly showcases his confident verses, falsetto-laced hooks, and layered, thoughtful arrangements. Having written for P!nk, Kesha and the Backstreet Boys, he’s officially stepping out from behind the scenes. Look for his new EP next month.

Muna – “Stayaway”

Change isn’t always easy, and “Stayaway” illustrates just how shitty it can be trying to break out of our negative old patterns. Cloaked in hard-hitting bass and inspired distortion, Muna's struggle feels not only real but also very, very danceable.

Kitten – “Memphis”

Written after L.A. singer Chloe Chaidez spent a year touring and questioning the nature of what we call home, “Memphis” celebrates the people we love that give a place meaning. Her retro-pop band Kitten (who's worked with everyone from Dorian Electra to Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha) wraps her lyrical stream of consciousness in violin, guitar, looping bass, and even some dial-up modems to create a vibrant, unusual sound that's warm and nostalgic.

Baum – “Bad Kid”

Baum's tale of loss invite us into a space that’s both intimate and universal. Her vocals are so chilling and powerful that she could sing this a cappella and we’d still feel every emotion. The video is shot in Iceland—a metaphor for Baum working through her pain in an unforgiving landscape. Here she wishes she could go back in time to right her wrongs before the subject of her mourning leaves her.

Photo: Baum shot by Marcella Cytrynowicz.

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