5 Reasons You Should Be Ashamed That You're Not Following Ashley Parker Angel On Instagram

Hint: Dat booty!

Eye candy alert! After sending the Internet into a frenzied heat stroke after posting a nude selfie late last week, we began digging around Ashley Parker Angel's Instagram. And what we found, we liked.

We liked it a lot.

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While we might not be able to have an O-Town reunion any time soon, we'll keep our complaints to a minimum now that we've discovered this earthbound Angel.

Here are 5 reasons we feel Ashley is 100% worth following on Instagram.

Booty On Point

Watch out Kardashian's of the world, Ashley's booty is definitely one to remember. Late on Thursday he took to his Instagram to put on display his firm assets in the wild. One thing's for sure, he clearly hasn't been skipping out on leg day.

Hello Abs

Yes, please! Not only does Ashley have that toned tummy that so many of us keep striving for (#summerbodystruggles), but it's the "V" line that takes the trophy.

Broadway Baby

Who doesn't love a talented and handsome boy who can sing? While Ashley's current role as Fiyero in the National tour of Wicked is a long way from his boy band adolescence, we love following the adventure unfold on his Instagram as he shares a look inside his new Broadway lifestyle.

Smize King

Tyra would be proud! As you scroll through Ashley's Instagram photos just look at those captivating, soul-piercing eyes. Ashley sure knows how to werk those angles and snap a fabulous selfie. As Andy Cohen would say, "TEACH ME YOUR TALENT!"

Gym Inspiration

Not only are Ashley's photos the stuff double taps were made for, they also provide a bit of gym inspiration. When those photos pop up on the timeline, it's a nice reminder to put down that slice of pizza and jump into gym mode.

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