Black & Boujee Celebrates the Next Generation of Queer POC Performers

The new Hell's Kitchen party closes out Black History Month with a bang.

Queer nightlife has been through a lot over these past two years, but as people return to bars, new parties are popping up in droves.

One of those gatherings is Black & Boujee, an event hosted by drag artists Robyn Banks and Lola Michele-Kiki. The live spectacular celebrates Black History Month and will feature 18 performances showcasing a variety of talent, including drag stars, singers, burlesque performers, dancers, poets, and more.

Black & Boujee is happening next Sunday, February 27, at the new queer space Hush (formerly Therapy), in the Hell's Kitchen, New York City. It is a passion project for Banks, who is also the director of events for Impulse NYC. "I think as of right now, this event is needed because there is so much that has happened to people of color, so much that has happened to queer POC," Banks tells Logo.

Impulse NYC

"These [nightlife] spaces always preach about inclusion, but there really is not a lot of it," she continues. "Back in 2020, there was a lot of talk about how when nightlife was back that there would be some changes happening, and there would be more POC in these spaces. Yes, some have done this, but for the most part, they haven't. I am tired of walking into spaces and the only POC bodies are security guards. I want this event to showcase all the new talent, I want to give them the space that they have never performed on."

Banks is hoping Black & Boujee turns into a monthly or annual event, a regular event showcasing up and coming POC queer performers: "This is just the beginning," adds Banks. "I have a lot more things up my sleeve, just you wait!"

Nightlife names like Zelina Duval, Detoxx Busti-AE, Myster E Mel Kiki, Dey Phoenix, Bianca Dagga, and Senerio are just some of the performers expected to hit the stage. Black & Boujee is happening Sunday, February 27 at 7pm and is free to the public.

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